How to Jump Start Your Gut Healing With Three Simple Ideas...

...WITHOUT Purchasing a Whole New Eating Program

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You can’t quite put your finger on it. 


There is something about how health is currently conceived that just doesn’t work with you: 

  • Over 40? You need to exercise an hour a day to maintain your fitness.

  • Poor digestion? Give up a food you’ve eaten forever without an issue.

  • Overweight? This new supplement is what you are missing.

  • Brain Fog? Stop eating all sugars including fruit.

  • Skin problems? Clearly a skin cream deficiency. 

  • High cholesterol? Stop eating fat or eat fat - not sure what’s hot these days.


You have this strange idea that health is something you can create, but you just haven’t found the right ingredients yet.


You have been paying attention to how your body responds to certain foods and noticed that sometimes you can eat that yummy dessert while out with friends and feel fine the next day. But...if you eat even one bite of that dessert out of the fridge your shoulder is toast or the scale jumps two pounds the next day. 


You want to take back your health and find creative solutions for other challenges you face.


At Endeavor Health and Chiropractic, I help you to find the unique elements that can create health and healing in you.


I use The Healing Equation approach to help identify Stressors holding you back and what sources of Good Energy In can move you toward your health goals or Energy to Heal.


In the office, I use gentle chiropractic adjusting, massage techniques, Morphogenic Field Technique, and additional therapies to help find YOUR unique Energy to Heal.


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Until we chat again - Take Care,

Dr. Julie Potter, DC PhD